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We are Silk Roads Trade and Innovation Co

The Silk Road Trade and Innovation Company is not just a trading company; It is a platform that brings quality and added value to the Silk Road lands from east to west.

Silk Roads Trading Company has a selection of over 200 different spices, herbs,saffron & spice blends from around the Countries of Silk Roads ( Iran , China , India and etc ). We have developed great relationship with our supplies to bring you the freshest products available. If you are used to grocery store spices and herbs then our products will likely exceed your expectation.
Silk Road Trade and Innovation Company with registration number 587692 as a Legal company active in the field of creating innovations and added value in the industries of the Silk Road lands. Trade in products of these areas, including agricultural products, handicrafts, etc. is active.


our main activities :

Importing seeds, onions, cuttings, transplants, roots and fruits, seedlings and seeds of plants, agricultural products, providing services and meeting the needs of agricultural producers, producing livestock products, providing services to farmers, such as leveling lands, consulting and holding training courses on agriculture Issues related to e-commerce focusing on designing, launching and selling services related to the development and development of innovative platforms for supply, supply and added value in agricultural products Export of agricultural, engineering and construction services Development and development of innovative platforms for supply, supply And creating added value in products and handicrafts, performing research, training and design services in accordance with the communities of the Silk Road countries, such as importing and exporting goods, if necessary, after obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

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Address : 2rd Floor , No 12 , Neshat , Zafaraniyeh Ave , Tehran , IranĀ 

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Tel : +98 ( 21 ) 22865362

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